The Protaginists

This site has been set up to be able to share images from a recent trip to Tanzania among those who were equally fortunate to share such an experience. The picture above shows the others that had no choice in spending a week in a jeep with ourselves, so thanks to the patience of you all.

Here are some images of others who helped to make the trip that much more memorable:


Included in the above are:

  • Our guide from the Spice Farm on Unguja Island, Zanzibar
  • Three big smiling Masai on the beach at Kiwengwa who wanted to improve their English by conversing with an Irish lady
  • Asia and Greyson from our Zanzibar Hotel, the epitome of wonderful staff, with Asia having the most gorgeous smile that stretches from ear to ear
  • A Masai camp guard and (separately) the next generation Masai
  • Lubava of Ngorongoro Wildcamp who ensured that I was introduced to the giraffe that frequents the camp. This man is a gentleman and so, so helpful.
  • Fellow holiday makers on a dhow

I consider myself lucky to have met such a great bunch of people.

Even though I was in the shower at the time I was beckoned to come meet the visiting giraffe, I am so grateful to Lubava. To have no vehicle, no fence , nothing between me and this gentle giant was simply awesome (hope I’m not sounding too American now). All because we had a good conversation the night before watching the sun go down.

If any of you are unhappy at your images being included on this site, just let me know using the Contact Page. Hope it brings back some good memories. If you have images you’d like to share here then why not get in touch and I will load up too. 


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