Known for a high density of elephants and huge baobab trees, this park was the first one to be ventured into.

Straight through the gates and we came to a stop immediately to view spectacular coloured parrots before being ambushed by some vervet monkeys.   The dik-diks were a bit too shy and quick for the camera, but the impala, zebra and gnu were all a little more obliging, especially at the water hole.

Then they came and just seemed to keep on coming – the renowned African elephants. First a herd crossed the dusty track and then at the dry river bed, holes were made to reach valuable water, cool mud was flung and some minor arguments settled.

Our eyes then scanned the slope of a nearby escarpment, trying to find a reported lion sighting, before coming closer to home to see the lions saunter alongside the jeep. How close was that!

To add to the big cat tally, three cheetahs were spotted (get it?) lying in the shade of a tree.


One thought on “Tarangire

  1. Fabulous John! They are exceptional photographs from Tanzania and other locations with excellent comments. I had a wildlife experience which I am struggling to explain.. I swore I saw a small Big cat stealthily gliding into a bush on the bottom Gretton Road towards Rockingham just after midnight two nights ago. Could my eyes have deceived me or was my imagination running away with me for was it not just a young monk jack? I do believe it was a smaller Big cat youngster perhaps having escaped from a nearby private zoo as its hind legs were stronger than a monk jack’s and cat like. A rumour for Martin to post on Gretton News and Views perhaps? Anyway, I wish I had taken an immediate photo with my camera for real proof! Lots of Love
    Andrew, Mathew, Jonathan and Robert xxxx

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