Known for a high density of elephants and huge baobab trees, this park was the first one to be ventured into. Straight through the gates and we came to a stop immediately to view spectacular coloured parrots before being ambushed by some vervet monkeys.   The dik-diks were a bit too shy and quick for […]


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Maasai Village

The next step on the tour was a stop off at a Maasai village in the highlands of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Having passed the viewpoint on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater we were in the Highlands area on our way to the Serengeti. Clouds tumbled down from the ridge of the mountains, a […]

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The very name conjures up images of pounding hooves, endless plains and a multitude of animals. Alas we were not in the Serengeti to witness the famed migration, but that didn’t stop us from seeing a wide variety of both animals and birds. While we were there for just two nights, we managed to fit […]

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Welcome to Ngorongoro, a volcano crater with 600m deep sides and a diameter of 19km. It is the largest unbroken crater in the world to remain unflooded. This is a special place that I’d always wanted to visit. We first took in the view of this place from a viewpoint on the way to the […]

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Lake Manyara

Our last day on the Tanzanian mainland saw us take in Lake Manyara National Park in the Rift Valley. We’d already seen the vast lake from a viewpoint on the edge of the rift’s steep escarpment, but now we were set to enter. The park was so, so different to those already visited on this […]

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The first thing we learnt is that Zanzibar is not an Island, it is a collection of Islands, the largest of which is Unguja Island where most visitors stay. We stayed on the North Eastern coast at the Ocean Paradise Beach Resort. As soon as we got off the plane the humidity hit us, as […]

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